Welcome to Best Files Sharing. We are an Internet services provider and provide services made available at our website at, subdomains and related sites ("website"), which enables users (depending which Best Files Sharing plan they are on), amongst other things, to encrypt by way of user controlled encryption ("UCE"), use our application programming interface ("API"), upload, store, manage, download and decrypt files, information, material and other data ("data") and give access to that data to others (all together, services). If you have questions about how to use our services or the great things you can do with Best Files Sharing, see our FAQ first.
These terms are binding and apply to any use of the services and website by you and anyone that you allow to access your data or our services. By using our services or the website, you and they irrevocably agree to these terms. If you do not like these terms or don't want to be bound, you can't use our services and the website.
We can change these terms at any time and we will provide you notice of the change, whether via our website, by sending you an email or via any messaging service we provide. Your continued use after that notice means that you agree to the changed terms.
If you comply with these terms, then we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide licence to access and use our service via the website in accordance with these terms and any plan you have subscribed for.
If you allow others to access your data (e.g. by, amongst other things, giving them a link to, and a key to decrypt, that data), in addition to them accepting these terms, you are responsible for their actions and omissions while they are using the website and services and you agree to fully indemnify us for any claim, loss, damage, fine, costs (including our legal fees) and other liability if they breach any of these terms.
Our service includes UCE. You should keep your encryption keys safe and confidential and not release them to anyone unless you wish them to have access to your data. If you lose or misplace your encryption keys, you will lose access to your data. We strongly urge you to use robust anti-virus and firewall protection.
You must maintain copies of all data stored by you on our service. We do not make any guarantees that there will be no loss of data or the services will be bug free. You are completely responsible to remove all data prior to termination of services.
Our service may automatically delete a piece of data you upload or give someone else access to where it determines that that data is an exact duplicate of original data already on our service. In that case, you will access that original data.
We will store your data on our service subject to these terms and any plan you subscribe to. If you choose to stop using our services, you need to make sure you retrieve your data first because, after that, we may, if we wish, delete it. If we suspend our services to you because you or someone you have given access to has breached these terms, during the term of that suspension, we may if we wish deny you access to your data. If we terminate our services to you because you or someone you have given access to has breached these terms, we may if we wish delete your data immediately. In circumstances where we cease providing all our services for other reasons, we will, if reasonably practicable and we are not prevented by law from doing so, give you 30 days access to retrieve your data.

Upgrade to premium

Once you have purchased a plan for our services, you need to pay the fees (if any) for that plan (and any other taxes or duties). We can also change the fees for our services at any time if we give you notice. You can't withhold payment for any reason or claim any set-off without getting our written agreement.
If at any time you do not make a payment to us when you are supposed to (including on termination), we can (and this doesn't affect any other rights we may have against you)...
make you pay, on demand, default interest on any amount you owe us at 10% per annum calculated on a daily basis, from the date when payment was due until the date when payment is actually made by you. You will also need to pay all expenses and costs (including our legal costs) in connection with us trying to recover any unpaid amount from you; and/or
suspend or terminate your use of the service.

What you must do

You must:
make sure you always give us and keep up to date your correct contact and billing details, particularly if these change;
comply with these terms and any other agreements you have with us;
make sure that you comply with all laws and rules that relate to your use of the website, the service and any data you upload to our service.

Important Prohibitions

The Client agrees to store the data in compliance with the law. The Client agrees not to use for the following activities:
Downloading, placing, emailing, sharing or any other way of publishing information that advocates terrorist propaganda, violence or displays death. In cases when We consider such information to be extremely serious, it will be reported to authorities and/or to ISP members.
Causing harm to minors using any methods whatsoever including but not limited to child pornography. In cases when We consider such information to be extremely serious, it will be reported to authorities and/or to ISP members.
Uploading, placing, emailing, sharing or other way of publishing information that does not comply with patent, copyright or trademark laws, discloses trade secrets or interferes with any other property rights.
Uploading ANY adult content. Uploading any of listed above files will get your account closed.
Uploading any content related to animals sex, violence, scat, children nudism, jailbait, real rape or any other illegal content. Uploading any of listed above files will get Your account closed.

Child Exploitation is a content sharing online platform letting users upload information and make it available to others. has a zero tolerance policy against child sexual abuse content or any content that can be harmful to minors. Our Terms of Service clearly state that no such content will be tolerated on our platform. If, however, we are made aware that our online facilities have been used to store and/or transmit any content of that kind, we act immediately to remove any and all such content, block the user accounts involved and report all related activity to authorities. hereby reserves the right to take further action including but not limited to cooperation with law enforcement agencies and/or government bodies to assist them in prosecuting those involved. Please direct all your child sexual abuse content and illegal content reports to

Pricing Terms

Tarif prices are in US Dollar currency.
Payment methods VISA, MasterCard payment cards.
If you're not satisfied with some of our products and want to request a refund. Refund requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you feel you are due a refund, contact team via

Privacy Policy

1 collects information in order to be able to provide its services to You. Such information may include but is not limited to name, email addresses and other. Users provide all such information voluntarily through various order forms, email messages, etc.
2 also collects different types of non-personally identifiable information that may include referral URL's, Users' IP addresses, Users' use of website, information about the browsers used by the User, etc. Some of this information is collected through Cookies, which are small pieces of data that are sent to your browser from a web server and are stored on your computer's hard drive and help identify you as the User. You have the choice to modify your browser and thus to reject the Company's cookies.
3 uses all collected information primarily for provisioning the services you have ordered and providing you with ongoing User support. User information is also used for improving business processes to make your overall user experience more rewarding. Your information can also be used for resolving ownership and other disputes and enforcing agreements between you and

Premium Account Service

If you sign up for a Premium account, you will receive certain benefits not provided to users of’s free service. Those benefits are described on’s website. charges a fee for providing a Premium account. The fees may vary depending on the duration of the account, the benefits provided, and other factors. You agree that has the right to revise the benefits provided to Premium account holders and the fees charged for any type of Premium account, with or without prior notice. However, will not substantially reduce the benefits provided nor change the fees charged to any user during the period for which that user has previously signed up and paid for a Premium account. may also begin charging fees for services currently provided for free, at any time, with or without prior notice.

Purchasing a Premium Account

When a user purchases a Premium Account, they get the following features:
- Maximum download speed possible
- Unlimited storing files
- Uploading files up to 10Gb
- Up to 4Tb file storage space
- Unlimited bandwidth

Refund policy

Refund policy All of premium services can be purchased after you register, and you may subscribe to the premium services for various lengths of time. Refunds can be done on case by case basis and not later that 24 hours from initial order. We don't provide partial refunds. To cancel subscription or get a refund, please contact us.

Ownership of site content

You acknowledge that intellectual property rights for all materials (except those uploaded by the service users) provided on, including but not limited to information, documents, products, logos, graphics, sounds, software and services, are owned by and/or by their respective third party authors, developers and vendors. Elements of the site are protected by law and may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part., the logo and other products referenced herein are trademarks of, and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. All other product names, company names, marks, logos and symbols may be the trademarks of their respective owners.